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2 large North Texas COVID-19 vaccination sites closing down this week



DALLAS, TX – Two large North Texas COVID-19 vaccination sites are shutting down operations this week.

Friday is the last day for Denton County’s mass vaccination clinic at Texas Motor Speedway, and Saturday will be the last day to get a vaccine at The Potter’s House in Dallas.

The city of Dallas and Denton County said they’ll be focusing on smaller, pop-up vaccine sites and their homebound vaccination programs to reach out to those who couldn’t make it out to one of the mass vaccination sites.

“If they’re willing to come out here and get vaccinated, I’m willing to be here to do my part,” volunteer Paul Carter said.

Carter has been out at Texas Motor Speedway nearly every day since Denton County’s mass vaccination clinic opened in February, volunteering to help get others vaccinated.

“COVID was so dramatic and has killed so many people and made so many more sick. This was really something we should get behind and try to protect everyone, as many as we possibly can,” Carter added.

Since opening, the site at TMS has gotten nearly 400,000 shots in arms.

The county has a record of about 17,000 shots in a single day, but that number has now gone down to 8,000 shots administered on the last day.

Denton County officials said it makes sense to move toward mobile clinics.

“We’ll have smaller boutique style clinics, with faith based organizations, different pockets of our community that need outreach that weren’t able to get out here,” Denton County Judge Andy Eads explained.

Denton County Public Health officials said they’re also adjusting their vaccine orders from the state to match the projected need.

The county is now allowing people to schedule their own appointment times that are convenient for their schedules, which will give officials a better idea on how much vaccine is needed.

“It’s actually kind of an emotional day because there’s been so many lives saved out here at this operation,” Eads added.

Like TMS, the numbers have also been falling at the city of Dallas vaccination clinic at The Potter’s House.

The city said at its peak, the site vaccinated about 2,000 a day, but now the number has dwindled down to just a few hundred per day.

The site administered nearly 54,000 shots, and the city said it will now focus on smaller vaccine clinics, targeting hard to reach neighborhoods and underserved communities

The city of Dallas said those who got vaccinated at The Potter’s House who still need their second Moderna shot can now go to Fair Park to finish their vaccination.

That site is still operating and has not announced any plans to wind down operations.