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Lewisville ISD closes for 3 days, COVID-19 peak left them short-staffed



Lewisville, TX – Lewisville ISD remains the last school district in North Texas area to close its schools as the new COVID-19 peak makes them short-staffed.

There are not enough staff for the school to remain open, so they have to close the school doors from Wednesday to Friday.

As many of the teachers are sick, the possibility for virtual learning is excluded.

All 70 campuses are expected to open their doors on Monday.

In only 10 days, they confirmed that the number of cases in both students and school staff increased by 500%.

“I want to be clear – we have used every resource available over the last two weeks to keep the district open,” Interim Superintendent Gary Patterson said in a letter to parents. “We are doing everything we can to keep schools open, and we have simply reached the limit of tools at our disposal.”

52,000 students and 6,500 staff are affected by these measures, on all the 70 campuses.