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A missing person case has changed into a murder charge after a man admitted to shooting, killing and burning a woman’s body



SAN ANTONIO, TX – According to the statement, his name is Andres Perez Tarnava III and he allegedly admitted to killing  Marisol Klingelhofer (49) after a lengthy investigation.

The investigation started May 7 when Bexar County deputies spoke to a man living at Fowler Road in Atascosa about Klingelhofer.

Police met with her daughter, who said it was not like her mother to ignore her, adding it had been since April 26 since she last heard from her.

The Medina County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Bexar County, saying it had a person willing to tell them where the 49-year-old woman was.

This witness said Tarnava told him he was going to kill two other men like he did Klingelhofer.

The 36-year-old man allegedly grabbed her body, put it in his vehicle and went home. He then chopped her body up and burned it to hide evidence, the witness said.

According to the court records, the vehicle she was murdered in was later chopped up and taken to a salvage yard.

He was recently arrested for another charge, tampering with identification numbers. During this arrest, deputies found multiple stains, which later tested positive for Klingelhofer’s blood.

Tarnava  confessed to the murder during an interview. He killed her because she stole items from his dead father, according to the court records.

According to the police, Tarnava showed no remorse during the interview, even saying he burned her body with motor oil and he would see her in hell.