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A Plano ISD student was bullied by his classmates, family fights for justice



PLANO, TX – Bullying has been one of the top concerns in many school districts in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area. Plano Independent School District (PISD) has a ‘zero tolerance for bullying’ policy and yet, many moms allegedly shared stories of their kids on social media concerning bullying in the school premises of PISD schools. On Tuesday, March 2nd, when a mom, Summer Smith, shared videos of her 13 year old son that were shared on social media by his classmates, fuming from the bullying her son faced, many Plano moms joined her hands in her support. The whole incidence is so shocking and shattering to think of what our children are exposed to and how harmful the society can turn to their futures.

Summer claimed that her son had been bullied by the same group of classmates from several months now and she had been reporting the same to the Haggard Middle School. SeMarion Humphrey, her son, 13 years old, a student of Haggard Middle School, Plano school district was bullied horribly and abused by a few of his fellow white classmates and they shared his pictures and videos on social media. The videos of the incidence that made news was the breaking point of this mother as she decided to put her foot down and fight for justice.

SeMarion’s classmate invited him to his house for a sleepover. Summer did not know this boy or his family and so she decided to meet his mother and then let SeMarion go for the sleepover. The sleepover was then held at the boy’s father’s house. SeMarion was shot with BB guns, hit in his sleep and called hurtful slurs during the sleepover. The boys then shared videos of SeMarion where they made him drink their urine with many people of the school. When Summer reported to the school, they told her that these incidents did not take place on the school premises. But she repeatedly had reported the incidences where SeMarion was bullied on the school campus. She also claimed that the sleepover was orchestrated by the kids to purposefully bully him.

Summer reported that SeMarion was targetted by his football team members and was attacked by them at the locker room and hit by a belt. When his mother made a complain to the school, they told her, “boys will be boys.” Such a shame. Its about time we call an end to this tagline that has ruined so many lives and take a real action. SeMArion’s sibling shared a post on social media, “Why is it ok for these kids to continue to remain football players and go to school freely without consequences.” He further added, “When is enough, enough?”

It is about time the school districts actually put their “zero tolerance policy for bullying” into action and SeMArion be granted justice. Many outraged Plano moms, kids and community members protested outside the school on Thursday and Friday in support of SeMarion, demanding the school to take action against the school kids involved in bullying. In a press conference held on Friday, Summer said, “How horrible you must be. This is not a prank. This is beyond bullying. You are evil. They are evil.” She said, “When you say there is nothing you can do, what do you mean exactly? Because it seems to me that there is plenty you can do. It was premeditated and obvious that SeMarion was only invited for their pure entertainment.

Plano ISD officials and the police department is actively investigating the whole incidence to identify any criminal offenses that occurred. On Friday evening the District said that they could not release specific information due to confidentiality but appropriate measures were promptly taken to protect the victim and to investigate allegations. Plano ISD also said that some personnel have received threats of voilence and that the District wants to clearly state that such threats will not be tolerated, as reported by CBS DFW.