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Bavette Grill Offers Comfort at Granite Park in Plano



PLANO, TX – Sometimes it’s described as a “hole-in-the-wall,” a hidden gem of Collin County. Some say that it’s a fine-dining experience that feels high end. And others walk in and feel like they’ve just stepped into the home of a good friend.

On the patio of Bavette Grill, an organic hydroponic garden is growing, with 36 organic herbs, lettuces, and vegetables including mint, baby tomatoes, lettuce, and squash. Everything grown there goes straight from the garden into the kitchen, and every Friday and Saturday morning, the kitchen will come alive with Bloody Marias—Bloody Marys with candied bacon and ancho chili liqueur—and pecan-crusted French toast with Frangelico cream.

David Jeiel, one of the owners of Bavette Grill, says that it’s difficult to define, but that’s the point. “It’s about the atmosphere, the feeling it gives you. Everyone is going to experience it a little differently.”

Bavette Grill is an American bistro by Jeiel and Alex Nunes, who also own EG Steakhouse across the highway from the grill. Originally, they meant to open in late March and while the pandemic might have delayed their plans, it didn’t derail them.

Instead, they opened as a ghost kitchen in mid-July, Jeiel says. But when it became clear that the pandemic wasn’t going anywhere, they went ahead and opened their location at 8100 Dallas Parkway in Plano.

Jeiel describes it as an intimate venue with a hidden gem feel, very different from EG Steakhouse, where instead of a patio, there’s a private room that seats over 100, and instead of a casual fireside-chat atmosphere, they host private parties, rehearsal dinners, and corporate events.

“We’re Brazilian, and we have a Brazilian steakhouse, but we wanted to do the opposite,” he says. “We thought, ‘Let’s turn it upside down, and do an American bistro.’”

They wanted it to be the kind of place where regulars gather for the comfort found in a familiar menu and style.