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Buttercup is an entire restaurant in Plano devoted to chicken tenders



PLANO, TX – There’s a new restaurant designed for that entire generation of people who grew up ordering chicken tenders off the Kids Menu: Called Buttercup, it’s from FB Society (formerly Front Burner Restaurants) and it just opened in Legacy Hall, the food hall in Plano.

FB Society CEO Jack Gibbons says that Buttercup aims to help people rethink the classic chicken tender.

“Some might think we’re crazy launching during a pandemic,” Gibbons says in a statement. “We believe an inspiring take on comfort favorites is exactly the departure we all need right now.”

The menu features lots of creative combinations.

“We set out to reimagine the way people experience chicken tenders with a concept not yet seen in market,” Gibbons says. “Buttercup is our unconventional approach to classic comfort food that embraces global influences and encourages flavor exploration.”

Options include:

  • The Buttercup: chicken tenders atop mac & cheese served with lemon herb butter sauce
  • Wasabi: on white rice with cabbage, wasabi, ginger, toasted sesame seed, watermelon radish, nori and Japanese mayo
  • Thai Basil: with rice, chili sauce, peanuts, and candied orange
  • Salted Caramel: with caramel, green apple, walnut, pretzel, and Maldon finishing salt
  • Buffalo: with buffalo, bleu cheese dressing, sweet potato tots, and bleu cheese
  • Nashville: with Nashville hot, pimento cheese sauce, pickle, and mac & cheese

Tenders can be sauced, tossed, topped, and served in a cone or cup — no tray necessary. So you can be walking around with a waffle cone filled with tenders, a portable snack in an edible package.

Tempting sides include pimiento balls, deviled eggs, honey butter corn fritters, and mac & cheese.

If you don’t want one of their pre-set options, you can get your tenders with choice of sauce: honey mustard, herbaceous ranch, lemon butter, BBQ, Japanese mayo, Thai sticky, habanero, salted caramel, buffalo, Nashville, and wasabi crema.

Design-wise, the restaurant offers a nod to a traditional shed and chicken coop. The release mentions its Instagram-friendly visuals.

FB Society is behind concepts such as Whiskey Cake, Legacy Hall, Mexican Sugar, Sixty Vines, Haywire, with a portfolio of 11 restaurant brands across 26 locations. Add Buttercup, now open for dine-in and carry out.