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Collin County Health Officials Report 5 More Deaths, Additional 209 COVID-19 Cases



PLANO, TX –  Health officials are reporting single day high numbers of new coronavirus cases and deaths from the disease for Collin County since the pandemic began.

Five more people died from COVID-19 on Tuesday.

A 56-year-old Plano woman died at a local hospital. She was the first fatality in Collin County who did not have an underlying health condition. An 83-year-old Plano man with an underlying health condition died at Brookdale Collin Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care. An 81-year-old Dallas man with an underlying health condition died at Farmersville Health and Rehabilitation. An 84-year-old Murphy woman with an underlying health condition died at Lynride Assisted Living and Memory Care. A 66-year-old Wylie man with an underlying health condition died at a local hospital.

Additionally, there were 209 news cases of the coronavirus in Collin County, including 73 in Plano.

The total number of positive cases in Collin County is 6,147, including 1,612 in Plano.

The county has 1,408 active cases, including 355 in Plano.

There are currently 21 positive cases in the Denton County portion of Plano and eight people have recovered. With the Denton County cases, the total number of positive cases in Plano is 1,633.

Health & Safety

What if I think I’m sick?
People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. An updated symptom list can be found at the CDC’s symptoms webpage. Please call your provider before arriving to the provider’s office or emergency department to limit the potential spread of any infection.

Can I get exposed/sick a second time? 
The virus is so new, that the answer to this question has not yet been scientifically established/validated.

What is community spread?
Community spread refers to people who have been infected with the virus in a specific geographic area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.

What does “transferred” mean in the case reports?
A “transferred” case was originally reported in Collin County, but then transferred to another county corresponding to the city of residence.

Do numbers have any relationship to hospital locations?
The number of COVID cases in specific zip codes is based upon the home address of the individual testing positive. Proximity of hospitals or medical clinics within a specific zip code has no bearing on the number of positive cases reported.

How does someone in an apartment self-quarantine and are other community residents notified if someone is COVID-19 positive?
Self-quarantines in apartments are no different than if people are self-quarantined in a house. HIPAA restricts health departments from releasing certain information about people who test positive for COVID-19.

Where can I find answers to common health questions about COVID-19?

  • The Texas DSHS site FAQs includes answers to questions about:
  • How to Avoid Getting Sick
  • Pregnant Women & Children
  • How to Avoid Infecting Others
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • High-Risk Populations
  • Pets & Livestock
  • What to Do If You or a Loved One Is Sick
  • Travel
  • Caring for Yourself or Someone Else at Home
  • Other Questions about Safety

I’d like more information on positive cases, including where they live or work.
County (Collin and Denton) Health departments identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed. Any individuals identified as having been exposed will be contacted directly by the County. No further personal information will be released to protect patient confidentiality. The County will monitor and investigate COVID-19.