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Dallas Council Votes to Allow All City Facilities to Fly Pride Flag in June



DALLAS, TX – Dallas facilities will all be able to fly the city’s Pride Flag in June in honor of Pride Month.

Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano said an amended resolution that the city council passed Wednesday permits City Hall and other city-operated facilities to fly the flag if they choose to.

The rainbow flag with a white star and the city seal at the center would fly in place of the usual city flag, the resolution stated.

“Last year we had so many people in the LGBTQ community that were so happy to see that flag at City Hall for the entire month of June,” Medrano said. “And I was approached by other city employees if they could fly it at the library or the rec center and so this is how this came about.”

Council member Omar Narvaez said he learned other city facilities did not fly the flag last year because the initial resolution did not explicitly include them.

“It’s going to be good for the city to show what a welcoming city we are, but also to celebrate our vibrant and very organized and very strong LGBTQ+ community …,” Narvaez said.