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Dallas Man Injured, Vehicle Damaged During Assault at Chicken Express Drive-Thru



DALLAS, TX – A Dallas man is seriously injured and his vehicle is damaged after he was assaulted at a Chicken Express on Tuesday.

According to Johnny Cochran Law Firm, incident began when Leskel Nichols visited the Chicken Express drive thru at 126 East Ovilla Road to place an order on March 10.

After receiving the wrong order at the pickup window, Nichols was promised by an employee, Chester Harris, that his next order at the franchise would be discounted 50%.

Nichols attempted to redeem his discount on his next visit on April 6, but another Chicken Express employee, Christina Johnson, refused to honor the discount, the law firm said.

Harris, the employee who promised the discount 10 days prior, appeared at the window, and Nichols requested Harris to provide the Chicken Express corporate phone number.

Another third employee, Terry Hall, proceeded to climb out of the Chicken Express pick up window and into the driver’s side window of Nichols’ vehicle, according to the law firm.

According to Johnny Cochran Law Firm, Hall began to physically assault Nichols, and due to Hall’s position in Nichols’ car, Nichols was unable to flee the scene.

Johnson ran out of the building and tried to restrain Hall, but Nichols was only able to drive away when Hall momentarily released him, the law firm said.

Nichols sustained serious physical injuries, and his vehicle was damaged during to the assault.

Chicken Express has not responded at this time.

Nichols is represented by Shaun Hodge of the Hodge Law Firm and co-counsel Larry Taylor of Johnny Cochran Law Firm.