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Dana Loesch slams Texas schools for implementation of racist lesson plans, urges parents to push back



PLANO, TX – Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas has attempted to implement “cultural competence” programming to bring attention to students of color who are allegedly at a disadvantage to White students, according to the district.

Radio host Dana Loesch, a resident of the Texas school district, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that parents are just starting to band together to push back against the increasingly “nasty” movement.

“It’s gotten so nasty that progressive activists have taken to naming private citizens and sending out mailers,” she said.

“Kids on social media said something stupid and they did something that I think would violate their Christian character and I think is immoral,” Loesch said. “I look at racism and bigotry as a moral failing. At the same time, I also agree with Voddie Baucham who says, ‘You can’t keep sending your kids to Caesar and be shocked when they come home as Romans.'”

Loesch read off of the competency plan which states, “An academic review of student subgroup test performance reveals no statistically significant achievement gaps amongst the district’s ethnic populations.”

“This didn’t begin out of academic curiosity,” she commented. “This began because some teenagers said something bad which they asked forgiveness for on Tik Tok and apparently we used someone’s worst moments in life to completely slight their entire life.”

“And the school and a lot of very far-left Marxist activists decided to exploit this as a way to implement critical race theory education… And they expect parents to pay for it. We’re talking six figures.”