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Decorated Plano police sergeant retires, saying he’ll ‘take a good arrest or a good bust over accolades’



PLANO, TX – Plano Police Sgt. Terry Holway has retired after 35 years with the department.

He worked 17 years as an officer and was promoted to sergeant in 2002, the department wrote in a Facebook post. Holway also worked in patrol, narcotics, criminal investigations and intelligence units. He first joined the department on May 13, 1985.

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Holway was named Rookie of the Year in 1986, Officer of the Year in 2000, and Sworn Supervisor of the Year in 2006, and he is believed to be the only Plano police officer to ever receive all three awards.

But Holway will “take a good arrest or a good bust over accolades, every day,” he said in a video. “That’s what motivated me is the job, and police work is just awesome.”

After 35 years, there are so many people to thank for their friendship and support, Holway said.

“Each one of you has influenced and impacted my life and career,” he said, singling out support personnel.

“Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs,” Holway said, adding that their friendship has meant as much to him as that of the sworn officers.

Holway also said that over the years, not everyone understood his sense of humor.

“For those who mistook my sense of humor or silliness as a lack of intelligence, I want to tell you: 35 years later, the joke’s on you,” Holway said.

“I’ve been able to say my piece and have fun with it and you have to have humor in this job or you have insanity,” he added.

The department wished him well in his retirement and called Holway “a major contributor to the safety of the citizens of Plano and the successes of the Plano Police Department.”

Holway holds a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement from Eastern Kentucky University. He also earned the Master Peace Officer certification and served on various boards and committees during his tenure.