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Delaware County-Based Gerhard Appliances Helping Deliver Drinking Water To Texas Following Collingdale Mayor’s Call For Help



TX– In it for the long haul, Pennsylvanians are sending Texans some fresh water they desperately need. A local business and local workers are coming to the aid of Texas residents.

Thankfully, two companies have stepped up to take these bottles of water to people in Texas who still are without water. One of them is even local to Delaware County.

CBS3 was there when the first shipment of water was loaded up into a truck thanks to North American Procurement Company which is based out of Southeast Texas.

The other company Gerhard Appliances, Delco proud, arrived around 11:30 a.m.

We first told you about Collingdale’s plight Monday when a local teamsters union couldn’t haul all of this water south , the borough needed help and put out the call.

Now they’ve found it and are hoping to get the water down to Texas by Monday, at which point they’ll distribute 4,000 bottles.

Collingdale Mayor Felecia Coffee says she’ll be there to greet them.

“I’m anxious to see it because I know they need it,” Coffee said. “I’m willing to go all-in with whatever I can do to help them down there. I’m also available down there because I couldn’t imagine going through what they’re going through. So I’m all in for helping them out.”

She’ll fly down to Texas to meet the drivers at the Central Texas Food Bank later this week.