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Texas educators and state lawmakers are calling on Gov. Abbott to rescind his executive order prohibiting school districts from deciding their own policies on face masks



Plano, TX – According to the officials, Gov. Abbott said there will be no more mask mandates enforced by the state, other than his own mandate that forbids mask mandates, and that it’s time for people to take personal responsibility.

Gov. Abbott has advocated for the use of vaccines in fighting the coronavirus, but that plan of attack excludes tens of thousands of schoolchildren who are not yet old enough to be protected from the virus by a vaccine.

With scores of unvaccinated children heading back into classrooms next month, many are worried unmasked children could be vectors of the highly transmissible delta variant passing the virus between themselves, teachers, and families at home.

Because of the surge in cases and the significance of the delta variant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday kids wear masks in schools this fall and that fully vaccinated people again begin wearing masks indoors in places with high COVID-19 transmission rates — which includes most of Texas.