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First Presbyterian Church Plano hosts “Trash Bag Prayer Loom” event



PLANO, TX – Between school bullying, racial unrest, COVID, online school, food insecurity, unemployment, fear of eviction and freeze damage recovery, we all could use prayer. During such a time as this, First Presbyterian Church Plano offers a Trash Bag Prayer Loom on the front lawn of its property at 1500 Jupiter Road to accommodate Plano’s prayers.

The Trash Bag Prayer Loom is a hands-on prayer tool. In the spirit of hospitality and community, all people and prayers are welcome. Passersby are invited to take a strip of cut-up trash bags that are provided, say a prayer and weave it within or tie it to the 6×4-foot wooden frame “loom.” The trash bag strips represent all of our “trash” — the things that we do and say, or leave undone and unsaid, that we wish we hadn’t and would like to discard from our memory. Weaving or tying the trash bag strip to the loom symbolizes giving our trash to God.

“First Presbyterian Church Plano invites anyone and everyone,” said Rev. Angie Mabry. “The symbolism of the loom speaks to how community can unite us – individual pieces weave together to form one tapestry. Thanks to COVID, our building remains closed, but God’s love never shut down. Our Trash Bag Prayer Loom provides an opportunity to folks to connect with God and each other free of walls.”