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Former WWE wrestler Dan Rodimer running for Congress in Texas



TX – Former WWE wrestler Daniel Rodimer is making his third bid for office in his three-year political career.

Rodimer, 42, is currently vying for a vacant seat in Texas’ 6th Congressional District. The former wrestler was a last-minute surprise on the ballot, as he filed for his seat with less than an hour to spare, per the Texas Tribune.

The Republican hopeful, who has previously been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, now joins a list of 23 candidates running for the vacant Texas seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The seat was vacated after late Republican Congressman Ron Wright died from COVID-19 in early February.

According to Rodimer’s campaign website, he is running “because we need to fight to keep our constitutional-friendly states.”

“We need fighters in Texas, and that’s what I’m coming here for. I’m moving back to Texas. I have six children and I want them to be raised in a constitutional-friendly state,” he continued.

Rodimer was previously employed by the WWE from 2004 to 2007. He entered the squared circle through WWE’s “Tough Enough” reality competition and mainly wrestled in the company’s developmental territories, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling.

Rodimer’s Twitter feed and campaign website see the congressional candidate posing with the WWE United States Championship, despite never winning or contending for the title.

Last November, Rodimer lost a congressional race in the state of Nevada. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, on the campaign trail, Rodimer was hit with past allegations of bar fights and old 911 calls made from a partner alleging domestic violence and theft. He reportedly hit back with an ad featuring the same girlfriend, who he later married, in which they stated there was no violence in their home.