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Four Plano police officers have tested positive for coronavirus



PLANO, TX – Four Plano police officers have now tested positive for COVID-19, a city spokesman confirmed Friday.

The first officer tested positive for the virus last Wednesday and is believed to have contracted the virus during travel to another state.

The department learned Saturday that a second office also tested positive, said Steve Stoler, director of media relations for the city. That officer was already on administrative leave after having contact with the first officer who tested positive.

The third and fourth officers tested positive on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Stoler said. He said the department believes their infection also originated with the first officer who tested positive.

Stoler said none of the officers required hospitalization and were doing well.

“We are very thankful none of our employees required hospitalization or even a doctor’s care,” Stoler said in a written statement. “Most have mild symptoms. All of them are expected to return to work soon.”

One of the officers who tested positive this week had contact with two citizens while at work, who have both been contacted and notified of the situation, Stoler said.

Employees who may have been in contact with any of the officers, who have not been publicly identified, are now on administrative leave. They will be tested if they meet the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Stoler said.