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Frisco is on a Vaccine High: 40,000+ Doses to be Administered by the End of March!



PLANO, TX – If you thought Frisco isn’t moving too fast where COVID-19 vaccines are concerned, you couldn’t be more wrong. The City Hall and the vaccine hub have thoroughly coordinated immunization activities so all doses allocated can be administered to eligible residents as soon as possible.

Working for the community, in a relentless race against infection

And the fast and timely effort has certainly paid off. The City of Frisco is setting an efficiency and supportive example. The dedicated call center team is looking into solving issues related to booking appointment slots and the vaccine hub is up and running smoothly to ensure a comfortable experience for each patient who goes through its doors.

It’s not only about speed, it’s about getting back to normal

That’s a big part of what’s fueling the intensive effort put into administering the vaccine doses in a timely manner. The sooner everyone is a protected against the virus, the faster we can all go back to what used to be our normal life. Socializing, going freely to parties and events, hugging, and showing all signs of affection like before.

How many doses have been administered already?

According to the City Hall’s newsletter, through today, March 18, the vaccine site in Frisco has administered almost 32,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Are they all first doses? Or were second doses given too?

Of the 32,000 shots given almost 23,000 are first doses and 8,800 are second doses for the vaccine.

What happens for the rest of the month?

For now, many second doses are in sight. Until the end of March there are more than 13,000 appointments scheduled for people to get their second dose shots.

Is there a waitlist to subscribe to and be called for your first dose?

No, the City of Frisco does not host its own waiting list.

What can you do instead?

You should subscribe to their newsletter/ e-news platform to get notified about future available slots. As soon as new appointments are coming, the newsletter will let all residents know so they can be on the lookout for their slot.

What if you have more questions?

You can use this link to read the most frequently asked questions. It will give you a clear idea of the eligible categories, what’s allowed, and what rules you need to keep to.

Stay safe and keep your loved ones protected. We may still be apart, but we will be together soon!