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Guyana natives bring Caribbean flavors to Taste of the Islands in Plano



PLANO, TX – Taste of the Islands owner Rehan Bacchus said she spent much of her childhood in Guyana in the kitchen with her grandmother, who would have Rehan act as sous chef, grabbing ingredients and tools as needed.

This is how Rehan learned what goes into Caribbean meals, she said, though it was not until she moved to Texas in 1989 that she started to cook. Fifteen years later, Rehan and her husband, Azaad, opened Taste of the Islands in Plano.

The couple was inspired to do this by a message from President George W. Bush, Rehan said.

“He was encouraging people to open small businesses,” she said. “At that time … there was nothing Caribbean [in Plano]. There [was] every other cuisine that you can find.”

In their 17 years of business, the Bacchuses have watched different menu items grow into favorites. The No. 1 item for years was jerk chicken because of its spicy kick, Rehan said; however, it has since been overshadowed by the stewed oxtail, which is often served with rice and vegetables. Other popular menu items include beef and chicken patties as well as fried plantains and curry rotis.