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HB-547 UIL Equal Access Bill Passes Texas House on 2nd Reading



TEXAS – The Texas House of Representatives voted 78 to 65 in favor of House Bill 547, the UIL Equal Access Bill. If this bill is passed, it would allow homeschooled students to be able to compete in University Interscholastic League (UIL) extracurricular activities within their local public school if their district allows it.

Texas Home School Coalition President Tim Lambert stated in a comment,

The passage of HB 547 is a tremendous step forward for the homeschoolers of Texas. According to the Census Bureau over 12% of the students in Texas were homeschooling as of last September/October. That would be well over 750,000 students.  If the Texas Senate passes this legislation and the Governor signs it into law, Texas will be the 36th state to allow homeschoolers to participate in extra-curricular activities of public schools.

The majority of the amendments were clarifying language that was already in the bill originally. According to polling, 77% of Texas homeschoolers support the freedom for homeschool families to have this choice.

Passing the Texas House of Representatives on a second reading vote is an historic step for this important legislation. From here it will need to pass third reading in the House, get voted out of the Senate Education Committee, and get passed by the full Senate before going to the Governor’s desk.

THSC will continue fighting for this and all legislation that offers freedom to the families in Texas who decide to homeschool.