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Intersection construction ahead in Rowlett



ROWLETT, TX – A funding agreement was approved Tuesday by the Rowlett City Council to improve the intersection of State Highway 66 and Dalrock Road.

The agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is for $541,941.

Mayor Tammy Dana-Bashian said this intersection has been discussed for years, dating back to her joining the council in 2013. She added the city is lucky to have multiple funding sources for this project.

“I fully support this,” she said. “This intersection is in dire need of improvements.”

The item, which was pulled from the consent agenda for further discussion, was approved by a 7-0 vote.

Despite the council’s approval, one resident made it known they were not in favor of this project. The resident noted the city is putting walkability and pedestrian safety aside for increased vehicular traffic. They added many residents who walked the intersection to the surrounding school, stores and restaurants.

“Rush hour will be rush hour, no matter how big we build roads,” the resident said, adding funds allocated for this project could be better utilized elsewhere.

The city staff said this project has been on the books since September 2012 when the Rockwall County Planning Consortium included improvements to the intersection in its Capital Improvement Program. Dallas County also identified the project for future improvements.

The project’s initial estimated cost was $2.4 million, and the Rowlett City Council awarded a contract in 2014 for design work. In 2018 the council approved an advanced funding agreement with TxDOT to fund engineering and design work.

The council on June 2, 2020, approved a funding agreement with TxDOT to fund the right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation for the cost of $451,027. The city is earmarked to pay 10%, or $45,102.70.

City staff noted Rowlett will pay 100% of local construction costs, and TxDOT will fund 20% of federal and state costs. The project now has an estimated price tag of $3.7 million.

Additional funding includes $279,364 from Dalrock Intersection Capital Improvement Funds and the remaining $240,112.70 in the Dalrock Estate Street Reconstruction.

The city staff said TxDOT will oversee all construction on the project.