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Meet Detention Manager John Hill



PLANO, TX – I want to continue with my posts introducing you to members of our department. Oftentimes, you see or get to meet (hopefully in a good way) our Police Officers but we are so much more than that. Our civilian employees are crucial to the success of this department. Today, I introduce a man who hopefully you will never have to meet, but I can assure you under circumstances outside of work, you would find him to be a fine man who has been a tremendous asset to the Plano Police Department.

Meet Detention Manager John Hill –

John began his employment with the Plano Police Department in December 2018 where he currently manages almost 40 employees. John completed the TDJC-ID Correctional Officer Academy in 1994 at Central Texas College and then was hired on by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. During his tenure with TDCJ he received numerous accommodations and was recognized by the Executive Director for risking his own life to save a Correction Sergeant during a riot. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant and spent 10 years of service with the state penitentiary service. John also served with the Webb County Sheriff’s Department and Carrollton Police Department.

He is recognized as a subject matter expert in Driving While Intoxicated court cases. John was promoted as Carrollton Police Department’s first Detention Center Manager in 2016 and managed the Detention Center for three different agencies.

Since his employment with the Plano Police Department, John has assisted Allen and Richardson Police Departments with inmates while those agencies were making facility repairs, re-authored every Standard Operations Procedure pertaining to detention services while included creating several new procedures, updated the food service program, and restructured the inmate property system. He is currently working on additional projects to make everyday work for Detention and Police Officers easier.

We are honored to have John as part of our team at the Plano Police Department and his knowledge and abilities has made the detention center process more efficient for all.