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Mesquite High School Boxer Diego Barron Ranked Number 1 In The Nation



MESQUITE, TX – Normally you say a top notch athlete is a mirror image of someone else, but Diego Barron is one of a kind.

His father, Porfirio says “he loves the sport. He loves it. A lot of it has to do with him. It’s all him.”

There’s only one person who steps inside that ring and the Mesquite High School freshman has proven to his classmates that looks can be deceiving.

Diego admits “They don’t think I box. Most people don’t think I box.”

His opponents certainly know different.

At a recent tournament in Shreveport, Diego emerged as the top ranked 110-pound boxer in the junior division in the country.

His dad says “it’s crazy a lot of people look at Diego and say this kid is ranked number one.”

With that, comes a spot on the select USA Boxing Team and a trip to Colorado Springs to train this summer.

His coach, Jesse Vasquez, isn’t jumping to conclusions when he says “he has what it takes to maybe get to that spot where some of the top Mexican Hispanic Americans have been.”

Diego’s reserved demeanor should not be confused with desire. In his words, “I stay quiet and then I show what I have in the ring.”

For the last six years, Diego has worked himself to the top at a gym that is centered around two words… strength and honor… and clearly this young man has both. And the grass roots work out spot in Pleasant Grove offers one reminder.

His coach continues to preach “always stay humble, never forget where you come from.”