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More Dallas Renters Are Searching Elsewhere to Move, Plus Other Reports



DALLAS, TX – More Dallas renters are turning to to find apartments outside of the metro area in the first quarter of 2021.

These renters are cited in ApartmentList. com’s recent Renter Migration Report. crunched the numbers and found that 15 percent of Dallas renters used its site for apartment possibilities outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, up from 13 percent from a year ago.

Dallas renters are checking out Austin, Houston, and Denver. Out-of-market renters are looking to move into Dallas from Houston, Austin, and New York.

Also, 17 percent of renters in nearby D/FW suburbs are searching for apartments in Dallas proper, up from last year despite concerns that an urban exodus would diminish demand for city living.

In the report, the authors add this disclaimer: “It is important to keep in mind that these data reflect search activity rather than complete moves, but we see clear evidence that interest in big cities has not waned.”