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No Place to Get a Vaccine in Frisco? Issue at Villages of Stonelake Estates



PLANO, TX – A very strange thing is happening to a neighbor in Frisco. Even though they are doing their best to get the COVID-19 shots, they can’t seem to find anywhere to have them!

After spending hours on end trying to get scheduled, they’re asking for tips on how to get that wanted appointment. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on why this is happening?

When the vaccine comes into any talk, there are usually two bands of people, one eager to have it, and the other skeptical and a bit suspicious about possible side effects. Well, what if you really wanted the shot but weren’t able to snatch any available slot for it?

Frustration comes mixed with low availability for immunization

It’s totally unfair to try for hours to get booked and only to end each day without any clear solution in sight. I know I would be upset and I’m sure all the other neighbors, too.
According to the affected neighbor, “Am I the only one that cannot find a place to get the vaccine? This is crazy! Every day after work I spend hours going from site to site trying to find an appointment. This shouldn’t be this hard!”

It seems that getting your vaccine spot is more tricky than ever, especially now that all adults are eligible. While that is good news in itself, it does make it challenging to actually get in and have it.

What did other neighbors in Frisco go through?

It looks like everyone found their special way to be scheduled. It could be getting online very early, going for sites that aren’t so popular, being in Facebook groups, or just hopefully waiting and refreshing pages for what seems like forever until the lucky click.

This is what they had to say about the appointment process for vaccines in Frisco:

“A friend told me to set my alarm for 530 am on a Friday and go to the CVS vaccine website or app. That is when they load appointments for the next week. You click on the covid 19 vaccine link and it will tell you they are experiencing high volume but please wait. This puts you in the queue.I did this last Friday. I had to wait maybe 5 min and it took me to registration. I got an appointment for yesterday at the CVS on Stacy and it also let me book for shot 2. I was signed up and back to bed by 550 So worth it. Don’t forget to have your insurance card ready. Also, I went for the vaccine yesterday and was in and out in 20 (including the 15 min they have you stay after the shot to make sure you don’t have a reaction.

“My wife found openings on the DFW Covid Vaccine Finder group on Facebook. Slots fill up quick though.”

“I was able to book mine fairly quickly on CVS’s website. I booked mine when I woke up in the middle of the night for some water. They usually have several openings then!”

“You need to sign up with all the county Covid websites. Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties. Also…Celina Drug. I have gotten both of mine in February, am a 1b. Got mine through Collin County and no more than 3 days after I got my second shot I started getting notified that the shot was available to me at AL the places signed up with. Just keep signup with EVERYONE you can!!”