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North Dallas teacher Daisy Rivera says ‘being a mom is the best life experience that God could give me’



DALLAS, TX – North Dallas U.S. History teacher Daisy Rivera is not only a mom to her 14-year-old son, but in many respects, she understands her role is sometimes being a mom to the kids in her classes or with the Vikingettes.

“I have been teaching for eight years and since day one I knew one of my roles is being my students second mom!” she said in an email. “It is understandable. For 10 months I get to have your child for five days/seven hours each day. Unfortunately for some parents, I spend more time with their child then they do because they are working hard to provide the necessities for their children.”

Ms. Rivera, who graduated from North Dallas in 2004, recalled teaching at an elementary school, and one student, who had lost her mom, sometimes called her “mom.”

“At that moment I was the female figure that was occupying that void for my student,” she said. “And I was OK with that, I understood. Being a second mom to my students is just one of the many hats I get to wear as an educator.”

On this Mother’s Day, Ms. Rivera is planning to go to her mother’s church service because “it is the only gift she is asking for this year.” Her three sisters will also go with her mom.

She said her son, Adam, usually cooks breakfast for her in bed as a Mother’s Day gift. She reflected on the special bond she has with her 14-year-old son. Despite leading a busy schedule that includes teaching, working with the PTech students, helping out with the Vikingettes, mentoring, and attending Zoom meetings, she makes it a point to have a home-cooked dinner with her son at least three times a week.

And her son does the cooking!

“He has developed a passion for cooking since the age of 7,” she said. “Our tradition is we go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for our meal, when we get home, he washes his hands and puts on his apron and chef hat, prepares our meal, and as he is cooking, I sit at the kitchen counter and we talk the entire time as he is cooking to catch up on his day, week, etc. I love family time! No, he doesn’t want to be a chef, he just enjoys cooking. He wants to be a veterinarian!”

She said her son understands her role as an educator, and she’s determined to maintain that special time with him.

“I have also had to learn how to keep myself on a schedule to make sure when I get in my car and head home, my work stays at NDHS and I can focus on myself and my son at home,” she said.

When it comes to parenting, Ms. Rivera said the best advice she received was that “No one is perfect.”

“You will make mistakes and that is OK as a parent. Also, to cherish every moment that I have with my son,” she said. “I have only one son and he is now 14. During his first four years, I was a full-time college student and full-time employee to pay for our necessities. I missed out on some cool moments like his first steps, so when I finished college I made it a point to dedicate family time just for him.”

When it comes to being a mom, Ms. Rivera said she sometimes says the same things her mom told her as a child.

“All the time! Like make sure you do not walk barefoot outside because you will catch a cold, or do not go outside with your hair wet because you will get sick,” she said. “And, of course, my mom’s famous line “Gracias a Dios” or “Glory be to God.”

Ms. Rivera cherishes her life as a mom and educator.

“I think out of all my roles and duties being a mom is the best life experience that God could give me!” she said. “I absolutely love being a mom and feel very blessed with the amazing son I have!”