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North Texas Food Bank Offers Fresh Food Meal Kits this Weekend at Grace Church Plano



PLANO, TX – Dalpreet Soodan, the president of Grand Husky Logistics, claims his Texas-based company has a pack mentality when it comes to taking care of their Texas neighbors. It’s one of their core tenants and the reason why they decided to team with HelloFresh and North Texas Food Bank to provide immediate food relief to North Texas families in need.

In fact, they’ve donated enough food — several truckloads of boxes — to be equivalent to 25,000 meal kits. Each of the meal kits offers fresh ingredients for families to prepare meals at home.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time. COVID-19 has increased the number of food insecure people in the region to historic levels. More than 900,000 North Texans need food assistance, according to the North Texas Food Bank.

“Our team and our Feeding Network have been working in disaster response mode for almost a  year now,” Brad Stewart, COO for the North Texas Food Bank, said in a Feb. 19 press release. “To  experience this weather event on top of the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most  challenging things we have faced as an organization focused on serving as many North Texans  as possible. As is so often the case, the community once again has stepped up with creative  ways to support us in getting food to those in need. We are incredibly grateful for this unique  partnership, and for the donors and our board member who helped to make this possible.”

Uwe Voss, CEO of HelloFresh US, said they were proud to partner with North Texas Food Bank and Grand Husky Logistics, especially since many of their team members and customers live in Texas. “The past year has been challenging, but together we can make sure our neighbors have  the food and essentials they need,” Voss said.

The food was distributed to North Texas Food Bank agencies Friday. Additional distributions will occur at North Texas Food Bank mobile pantry events starting Saturday, Feb. 20, at UNT Dallas and at Grace Church in Plano. Participants who identify as being unable to cook at home will be provided with other shelf stable, ready-to-eat food items as well as fresh produce.

The North Texas Food Bank also plans to give out more fresh food kits next week. (Visit the link below for more information.)

“Given the extreme weather we’re experiencing here, we knew we needed to find a contact at the North Texas Food Bank who could help us make sure that this food went to families in need,” said Sean Ramsey, vice president of Grand Husky Logistics. “We are elated that this  partnership came to fruition and we are thankful to be able to provide food and hope to North  Texans.”