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North Texas grocery stores noticeably busy ahead of Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving get-togethers may be smaller this year, but a lot of people will still be grocery shopping this week.

North Texas stores are limiting crowd sizes and following other steps to promote safety.

A lot of safety measures were already in place with the pandemic. Expect stores to be stepped up, requirements enforced and employees keeping an extra close eye to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Capacity is still limited at grocery stores across the state, and most, like Central Market in Plano, take it very seriously.

“We are definitely doing things differently to make sure our customers feel safe,” said Plano Central Market GM Megan Reid.

With Thanksgiving upon us, the aisles are feeling a lot more crowded than what we’ve started to become accustomed to during the pandemic. That means grocers are stepping up as people are stepping out.

If you’re shopping this week, expect to find lines to get in at peak times.

A friendly face may be waiting with a mask for those without and hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged on the way in. Carts will be getting a good wipe down, and managers say consider a designated shopper.

“Instead of making this a family trip which you would have normally done, limit it to one or two folks per party so we can make sure everyone has a safe experience,” Reid said.

A list also keeps you on track and out quickly so others can get in.

There are also crowd control measures at the checkout stands.

For those wanting to skip the in-store experience, curbside pickup and delivery are new this year for many stores.

“Slots are filling up very quickly, so we are encouraging shoppers to get online and get everything booked as quickly as possible,” Reid said.

Or try something in between. Skip the shopping and cook time with ready-made meals.

Foot markers are in place to space people out when they pick up their holiday meal.

“We would just ask you bring a mask and bring your patience,” Reid said.

The best time to shop is early morning or evenings after 6 p.m. Some stores also have extended hours this week leading up to Thanksgiving Day so be sure to check online before you go.