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Owners behind successful Plano restaurant eye further DFW expansion



PLANO, TX — The creators of Roots Chicken Shak in Plano are opening their second DFW restaurant this spring, located just north of Dallas in Farmers Branch.

Irving-based T2D Concepts is behind chicken brands Roots Chicken Shak — which has two locations in Plano and Austin — and the upcoming Roots Southern Table, which is expected to open in late April.

Tiffany Derry, the first T in T2D, is the chef responsible for the concepts and their food. She’s been featured on Top Chef and cooked for President Barack Obama at the White House. Tom Foley, the second T, is a businessman with years of experience.

“I think part of the way that restaurant groups were built before was really about creating a unique restaurant where there was food and drink serving and a place that was busy,” Derry said. “Of course, we all want to be financially positive. But for us, it’s so much more than just the space or the building. It’s about not only building community, but sharing in the building of that.”

Derry and Foley founded T2D Concepts in 2016 with the classic restaurant hope of building a concept that was scalable, but what they said is unique is the core of their business is impact-driven. Roots Chicken Shak launched in Legacy Hall in Plano in 2017, and the Austin location began operations in 2020. With this third location and second concept, Derry and Foley are continuing their mission in a new way.

Roots Southern Table will be different from Roots Chicken Shak in the fact that it’s a full-service, full-menu restaurant that will eventually serve brunch, lunch and dinner.

“It’s the idea of inclusivity. And equity is something that really brought Tiffany and I together, from a mission perspective. Our drive is to deliver great food, great service, great conversation and great impact,” Foley said. “The theme that we’re driving at, particularly with Roots Southern Table is to say everyone is invited to our table, the idea that it’s a place of psychological safety, a place of emotional safety.”