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Persistence Pays Off for Plano Woman Frustrated with Vaccine Process



PLANO, TX – Finding a vaccine has been a frustrating process for many North Texans. But when one Plano woman couldn’t get one last month, she didn’t give up.

Now, her persistence is paying off.

Linda Canen was at her wits end in January when was turned away from a vaccine mega-site in Allen for not having an appointment.

Like so many, she felt she’d done all she could to get her shot.

“This is just a vicious cycle. We’re on every list we can be on,” Canen said at the time.

Shortly after appearing in an NBC 5 report, Canen signed up for the vaccine waitlist with Baylor, Scott and White.

Three days later, she received an appointment for her first dose.

Three weeks later, on Thursday afternoon, she became fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Just such a weight lifted off my shoulders that I don’t have to be paranoid every time I walk out the door or go into a store or grocery store anyplace. I just feel like I can maybe start living a little bit more what we call a normal life,” Canen said.

Wearing a “vaccinated” sticker like a badge of honor, she walked out of Baylor, Scott and White at The Star and gave a ‘thumbs up’ before leaving with a sense of relief that’s long overdue.

As of this report, 1.6 million Texans are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.