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Plano City Council Approves Amendments to Collin Creek Development Plan After JCPenney Exit



PLANO, TX – During the meeting, the council voted 8-0 to approve the changes in the project, including allowing the developer, Centurion American Development Group, to move forward with zoning revisions as a result of JCPenney’s departure from the project.

The council’s vote will allow for the redevelopment of Block Q of Collin Creek, which was formerly designated as use for a big box or superstore.

The agreement will facilitate the building of 98 townhouses which will be located next to the Chisolm Trail.

The modifications will allow for a pedestrian-friendly area which complements the adjacent trail system and desired neighborhood feel, officials said.

Officials said the approval of the amended plans following the departure of JCPenney will allow the project construction progress to continue with moving forward at an expedited pace.

“With the acquisition of the JCPenney parcel, we worked with our architects, consultants and our partners at the City Of Plano to amend this portion of Collin Creek’s zoning,” Vice President of Development Rob Romo said. “There are often changes in major mixed-use developments as projects evolve and aligning a design and use that ultimately fits the scope of the project was our goal.”

The additional amendments to the project include allowing the movement of multi-family and independent living units between blocks, officials said.

“The city leadership has shown great vision and forethought in the way they’ve supported and worked with us from the very beginning of this project,” Romo said.

Phase one of the Collin Creek includes the renovation of the shopping center property, new restaurants, and much of the single and multi-family development.

The project is expected to be completed in 2022.