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Plano considers issuing its own stay-at-home ordinance



The city of Plano may soon adopt a stay-at-home ordinance to close more businesses in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The city adopted an order on March 17 that closed bars, gyms and movie theaters.

At a city council meeting held by video conference Monday night, Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said he wants a consistent message for residents in the city. Different orders from different counties have confused many people.

Plano’s city manager said enforcing a stay-at-home ordinance could be tough. He hopes people will just stay home.

“Right now there’s been some instances where we’ve had group gatherings and other aspects and citizens calling 911 and calling the police department has been how things have been enforced to date. But the truth is that we need compliance from our citizens,” said Mark Israelson, Plano’s city manager.

The council will vote on the new ordinance during another video conference meeting Wednesday night.