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Plano first responders thank healthcare workers



First responders in Plano showed their appreciation for healthcare workers with a parade of lights Monday night.

The city’s police and firefighters came together to show medical staff that they are appreciated. The feeling was mutual.

Nurses and doctors lined the streets of the hospital campus, holding up signs and waving back at the first responders as they drove by.

People working in the medical field have been on the front line, working long hours during this pandemic.

“What a wonderful show of support for our community at a time when people are just wanting to know that they are heard,” said Stephan Epley, a safety officer.

“It’s a time when people are really down and scared. Just knowing we have that support from our community to take care of our patients and people recognize the stress we go through every single day, it means a lot. It pushes you through in times of stress,” added Laura Massey, a chief nursing officer.

Organizers wanted this to be a collective showing of support and gratitude.

The turnout proved they got the job done.

For a lot of the staff, it was the extra push they need to keep going.