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Plano Homeowners Frustrated With Noisy Recycling Center



PLANO, TX – Some homeowners in Plano say they’re fed up with noise they say is keeping them up at night.

It’s coming from Republic Services, a recycling facility on 14th Street in east Plano.

“Horns, trucks, the bottles dumping and then there’s giant bay doors that stay open so all of that sound goes echoing this way as well,” said Christine Brown, a homeowner who lives next door.

Brown and her husband Jason moved to the Hudson Heights neighborhood in 2017, shortly after Republic Services burned in 2016.

It was rebuilt and reopened last year.

Brown said the noise has been nonstop ever since.

“You can’t live like this, so who is wrong and who should be held responsible for it?” Brown asked.

The city of Plano said it tested the facility at least twice and both times, it was louder than what’s allowed by law.

Tuesday, the city approved Republic Service’s plan to try to fix it.

“It’s very important for us to get this fixed. We know that noise can have psychological impacts. It can disturb rest and peace and we want our residents to be happy,” said Rachel Patterson, Plano’s environmental health director.

The plan is to build a 24-foot fiberglass wall behind their backyard. Brown said it would hopefully create a buffer — and bring them some peace and quiet.

“All I want is to be able to live in my home,” Brown said.

Patterson said the city would be following up until the problem was resolved.

Republic Services issued the following statement.