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Plano ISD deploys maintenance crews to 33 campuses affected by winter storms



PLANO, TX – Water damage and HVAC, plumbing and electrical issues affected these campuses in different levels of severity, PISD shared in an email update Feb. 19. Four other district facilities were also affected by the storms.

All but five of 33 affected campuses will resume in-person and School@Home learning operations Feb. 22. Barksdale Elementary School, Gulledge Elementary School, Hickey Elementary School, Sigler Elementary School and Clark High School sustained more significant damage, making a shift to asynchronous learning necessary, the district shared in an update Feb. 21.

Plano ISD’s staff worked to prevent and fix any damages to district buildings throughout the week of extreme temperatures and power outages, a Feb. 19 update said, and the district was confident any remaining damages could be addressed over the weekend by maintenance crews and restoration teams. However, further assessments at five campuses showed that additional time would be needed to resume regular operations.