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Plano Teen Joins Doctors To Help Develop Technology Aimed At Speeding Up Detection, Treatment For Coronavirus Patients



PLANO, TX – It’s a new technology that could drastically speed up the detection and treatment of patients with COVID-19.

A member of the team who developed it is a teenager from Plano.

Sixteen-year-old Moksh Nirvaan has passion for artificial intelligence that led to a brainstorming session with a team of doctors.

It has resulted in what’s called COVID Scan AI.

It is technology that uses artificial intelligence to read X-rays of possible COVID-19 patients faster than humans and does it non-stop.

It helps avoid delays that can waste valuable time when Nirvaan says patients could instead be getting treatment.

Nirvaan says the technology already has a 95% accuracy rate detecting whether a patient has COVID-19-related pneumonia.

The software recently placed in a Facebook competition and Nirvaan is looking to offer it to hospitals and clinics.

“We are actually very excited about it currently. We are working to get this out and clinically validated, get it out to clinics and hospitals all over the world,” said Nirvaan. “I hope that it can be a really big breakthrough and in the sense that it can save lives.”

Nirvaan was a student at Clark High School, but he already has college credit hours two years ahead of most kids his age and plans to pursue a career pioneering uses for artificial intelligence.