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Plano Vaccine Drive Thru: Confused Patients or Fast and Smooth Experience



PLANO, TX – The vaccine hub operating at the John Clark Stadium in Plano has definitely had some hiccups as far as operations are concerned. After the rough start in administering vaccines, opinions are starting to change. One neighbor from Preston Vineyards is asking for info about the drive-thru option.

Is it fast and reliable or are people still having difficulty getting their shots? Find out straight from other neighbors who went there.

Were you thinking it’s best to go to a drive-thru facility and have the vaccine shots fast and easy? Many people had the same idea, but it doesn’t always work out straight from the beginning.

According to the Frisco neighbor posting about the issue, the vaccine hub at the John Clark Stadium in Plano had management issues in the beginning, but it has improved significantly.

The main concern is, beyond the comfort of solving everything at the drive thru, how long would you actually have to wait in line.

Neighbors giving their reviews for shots at the drive-thru in Plano

Several people living in the neighborhood pitched in to share the experience at the Stadium in Plano.

This is what they said:

“We were there 3 weeks ago for our second shots. It took just under 2 hours and was very organized.”

“It took us a little over a hour, but it was organized relatively well. Everybody was friendly and did they part. Even cleaned the written # from the windshield before we drove off”

“I had my first shot today at John Clark stadium and it was well managed. I had to wait less than 5 mins in the line. The entry has been moved to Spring creek and Stadium dr today.”

“I was in and out in 43 minutes on Monday. I think they have it figured out now. Or people are not just showing up. There were numerous “appointment only” signs.”

“I was in and out in 40 minutes. It was very organized. I would have been out sooner….but you must wait for 15 minutes in the observation area. While you are there, they set your second appt with you. Great experience!!”

“I went last Friday. Appt window was 12 -12:30. I got in line at 11:55 and was driving away at.12:41.”

“Different opinion here, but obviously go there if you can get your vaccine there first. Thought it was poorly run, not a lot of coordination, left colored marker I had to razor off windshield, never checked up or managed the waiting period time. Lots of people loitering around without purpose or efficiency. Kind of the same for other venues run by the same staffing source..”

“Was there last Tuesday morning and whole thing took 30 mins. Very well organized.”

“Hi! I went there last Tuesday for round 1 and it was great! Was there 30 min total. I was impressed with their organization.”

“Took my friend there on Friday, March 19. Including waiting time after vaccine was given, we were there about an hour. His appointment time was 11:30-12:00. Probably the earlier you go, the less waiting time you’ll encounter.”

“I was there last Tuesday. My appt was from 3:30 to 4:00. I had to fish my way over to the other entrance so I think I got in line at about 3:40 and was getting my shot at about 4:45. By that time they had run out of Pfizer and were giving Moderna which has a 4 week gap between doses. Also when I turned on to Chase Oaks from Legacy to head down to the Spring Creek entrance the right lane was backed up almost all the way to Legacy. With no signage you take a leap of faith that it’s the right line. Ha, considering the time I was afraid I might be in a school pickup line. Keep the faith. If there is traffic in the right lane, that’s where you want to be”

What about access to the location? Are the entry ways clearly marked?

One neighbor explained that “When I went there were police directing traffic into the right entrance. Then workers directed us into the proper lines based on first or second shot. Then they directed 2nd shots into lines based on vaccine brand you’d had the first time.. organized,, I must say.”

It’s also useful to know that “The entry has been moved to Spring creek and Stadium dr today”.