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Pres. Trump to speak shortly at south Texas portion of border wall



TX – President Donald Trump arrived early this afternoon in south Texas ahead of his planned visit to a portion of his border wall at 2 p.m.

The president’s remarks will be shown live on the multiple streaming platforms of ABC13.

Trump’s arrival in the Rio Grande Valley comes in the midst of uneasy times in the country during the final days of his term.

The day before, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez described tensions as “dangerously high” in his region where supporters of Pres. Trump and those eager to protest him have gathered.

“We’re hopeful that the people that are coming here are truly patriots,” Cortez told ABC13. “Patriots don’t destroy other parts of America and don’t hurt other Americans.”

Cortez said extra law enforcement will be on duty.

Daniel Diaz, a community activist with LUPE (La Union del Pueble Entero) in McAllen, said the event his group is planning hopes to stay away from Trump supporters despite having opposing views.

“We just want to be very, very careful, and that’s why we’re encouraging folks not to actually engage,” he said.