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Six juveniles arrested in Frisco in 2022 for threats against schools



Frisco, TX- The Frisco Police Department’s officers arrested six juveniles in 2022 for school threats.

The recent crime statistics report show that the Frisco Police Department recorded 20 juvenile arrests in January 2022, which is a 200% increase per capita over the 7 arrested in January 2021.

On the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Council Member Angelia Pelham asked Police Chief David Shilson about these numbers.

“The percentage, since we’re at the beginning of the year, looks a little higher, but I will say school threats are an ongoing issue that we’re dealing with, and it’s something that we simply have to take every threat to a school campus seriously,” Shilson said.

The first threat was shared as a social media post on Dec. 10 while the second came in the form of an email the evening of Dec. 12. As a result, classes were canceled Dec. 13 as police swept the building and the campus continued to be closed the next day. Classes resumed on campus on Dec. 15.

On Tuesday, Shilson told the City Council members that the department had made several arrests for threats that were made by students, either on a faculty member or the campus itself.

“Those things tend to spread through social media, and they cause a lot of fear, and that’s why we have to take those things so seriously,” he said. “So, as I have before, I would encourage parents to talk to their children about how these are serious choices they’re making. They’re adult choices that they’re making that have criminal consequences, and it’s important that parents have a really good understanding of what their children are doing online and on social media.”