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SkinSpirit Brings Cutting-Edge Skincare Technology to Plano



PLANO, TX – SkinSpirit calls itself a pioneer in aesthetic skin, face and body treatments. It was founded in 2002 on the West Coast with “a mission to elevate the beauty and confidence of every client.”

Since then, SkinSpirit has expanded its offerings and its services. Presently, they are a leading destination in California for all kinds of medical-grade aesthetic treatments, and a number one provider of Botox cosmetic and dermal fillers in the U.S. They serve over 10,000 clients each month. Now it’s making its local debut in Plano.

The 2,955 square-foot clinic officially opened its doors on Jan. 13, making it SkinSpirit’s 17th hub in the country, and the second in Texas.

“North Texas is such a fun and vibrant community and we are thrilled to introduce the North Texas market to SkinSpirit,” said SkinSpirit CEO and Co-Founder Lynn Heublein.

It’s also a market where SkinSpirit will fit right in. A 2016 study by WalletHub ranked several Texas cities as among the best in the nation for skincare, skin cancer prevention, and skin health. Plano earned high ranking at number six, beating out Dallas at number eight.

Texas is, in fact, a hub for aesthetics, with the most medspas of any state in the country, according to American Med Spa Association’s 2017 State of the Medical Spa Industry Report. Treatments like Botox, laser hair removal, and dermaplaning are becoming more mainstream, less stigmatized, as also treatments become more advanced. For example, note the rise in brotox—men getting Botox. In fact, at that time—before COVID-19—they expected that the industry would double and reach $6 billion by 2022.

SkinSpirit Plano boasts a staff of highly trained nurse practitioners and aestheticians, and a team of guiding medical directors. The team assures clients that they are following the most stringent health and hygiene protocols.

Their extensive menu of treatments includes Botox wrinkle reduction, dermaplaning and diamond tip resurfacing, laser hair removal, and much more.

“The Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex prides itself on health and wellness,” CEO Heublein said. “Our goal is to create a destination where the community can feel their best with the help of our award-winning comprehensive services.”