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Some Say Dallas’ Efforts To Clean Up After Homeless Not Enough



DALLAS, TX – Efforts are underway in North Dallas to clean up roads and bridges that have become prime territory for homeless encampments in recent weeks.

However, some homeowners who live in the area say more needs to be done.

At the Highway 75 and Forest intersection and surrounding areas, there’s panhandling, trash build up and in the last few weeks, there have been been multiple reports of a man exposing himself to drivers followed by lewd behavior.

The City of Dallas’ Office of Homeless Solutions and Right Care reports they‘re working to get this person some help and ask anyone who witnesses this type of behavior to call 911.

On top this, fences have been put up where several campsites used to be.

CBS 11 spoke to one woman who lives in the area Tuesday evening, May 4.

She says the situation is still dangerous and asked not to be identified.

“You’ll be in the drive-through and there’s one of those homeless individuals using a needle right by the trashcan, this isn’t what we ask for as homeowners,” she said. “We pay taxes and we pay our mortgages and we work hard to live here and when these homeless individuals are within a stones throw of our front door it’s frustrating.”

She said in the last couple of weeks, she has told her daughter it is no longer safe for her to go to the nearby Northaven Trail with her friends, which she loves to do.

Texas lawmakers are considering a statewide ban on homeless encampments.

House Bill 1925 and Senate Bill 987 would make camping in an unapproved public place a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500.

In an effort to help the homeless, the local nonprofit OurCalling has created an app anyone can use.

It tracks your location and shows food, shelter and additional resources for the homeless in your area.