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State officials are telling hospitals to ask cities and counties for COVID relief funds to pay for needed staff



Plano, TX – According to the statement, the health officials are now denying requests from hospitals for additional staffing as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across the state.

Hospitals in North Texas have requested 619 clinical support staff to help fill vacancies and emergency needs according to the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Counci l.

State officials previously approved requests from regional hospital councils. The Department of State Health Services spent $5.39 billion funding requests for medical surge staffing, almost all of which reimbursed by FEMA, according to a spokesperson. At the peak of needs in February, the state was supporting 13,618 medical staff.

Now the state is denying those requests and telling hospitals to ask city and county leaders to use federal COVID relief funds, but local leaders had much of that money already accounted for. Dallas County has not approved its plan but is expected to use its $512 million on programs like broadband infrastructure, affordable housing, and business assistance.

In Texas, 21% of hospitals are reporting staff shortages , about double the national average according to a weekly federal report.

The Department of State Health Services says in total 40 facilities, ranging in size, have requested additional staff so far.