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Summer Camps for Kids under the age of 6



PLANO, TX – It’s not always easy to find Summer Care and fun camps for Kids who are not at Grade School yet. They need a smaller environment and have specific needs that only some Camps can provide.

So we set about finding those Summer Camps nearby.

Summer Camps for Toddlers 2+

For working parents, Summer Camps are a great option to use when Preschools, Childcare centers or in-home carers or an employed Nanny are on vacation. However, for young children, not all Summer Camps are available options or are suitable for Toddler aged boys and girls.

In our Summer Camp Guide, we have an easy way to search through according to Age to see which Camps have Summer Camp options for our Younger Kids.

Toddler Summer Camps

The daytime needs of our younger Kids are different to the older ones, as they might need Naps, Breaks and a combination of activities in a safe and smaller environment with closer supervision.

Around Plano, Frisco, Dallas and our surrounding cities, there are some great options for younger campers.