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TEA announces funding for Texas schools to support in-person learning



TX – Is your flood insurance up to date? How about windstorm coverage? Would a water shortage affect your business? Did you collect bids on a back-up generator?

Do you still believe in the Texas Miracle?

Spring thunderstorms are on the way, hurricane season is starting early, and the National Weather Service says drought will likely develop across most of the state. Anyone worried about power outages from another polar vortex should pay attention to the alligators closer to the boat.

Texas’s climate has never been kind, but neither has been Texas’s government. Time and again, state and local institutions have failed us by failing to prepare in the name of being pro-business.

With a warming planet making heavy downpours more likely, hurricanes more powerful, and droughts more long-lasting, resiliency is more important than ever. While we need to make sure another polar vortex does not trigger another Texas Blackout, we also need to review our other disaster plans.