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Texas averaging more than $2 per gallon of gas for first time in nearly a year



TX – Here’s something you have not heard in a while – Texas gas prices are rising.

Texas is averaging $2.10 per gallon, this is the first time the state has had an average price of higher than $2 in 43 weeks.

According to AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch, the price is 11 cents more than last week and 17 cents less than what we saw on this week last year.

El Paso residents are paying the most in the state, with an average of$2.36 and those in Sherman are paying the least at $1.96 per gallon.

The nation is paying $2.36 per gallon on average.

Texas had 301 days in a row where gas was below $2 per gallon until this past weekend. This was the longest streak since 2005.

“Gasoline has been on the rise for the last few weeks due to higher crude oil prices,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “However, demand for gasoline remains lower than this time last year, which could result in lower gas prices in the weeks ahead as winter sets in across the country.”

Luckily, San Antonio is still low if you look at Gas Buddy, who says we’re at $1.98 per gallon.

The site, HERE, says we have at least one station at $1.62 per gallon.