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Texas DPS trooper caught on camera as he hits a confiscated cannabis vape



Fort Worth, TX- The criminal defense lawyer shared a dashcam video where a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper takes a hit from a confiscated cannabis vape pen.

Attorney David Sloane recently posted the video on YouTube that is originating from 2019, and is representing drivers who were stopped by thenow former trooper near Wichita Falls and wants to make sure that the word is widely spread about the incident.

“The public should find it abhorrent any time there’s a breach of public trust”, Sloane told the paper. “We place people in a position of trust when they enforce the law.”

Chad Harden resigned from DPS in 2019. He pleaded guilty to tampering with drug evidence and was ordered to serve two years’ probation as part of a deal with prosecutors.

“I accidentally inhaled THC, as stupidly as that sounds”, Harden told investigators in an audio clip Sloane included in his YouTube video.