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Texas made it harder to get a COVID vaccine through poor planning and execution



TX – It has been 36 years since Michael Dell started the company that bears his name in Room 2713 in Dobie Hall, a private dorm just steps away from the University of Texas at Austin campus. Amazingly, he is still its chief executive, a rare feat in his industry.

Today Dell is a Fortune 500 company with 165,000 employees that has been a public company, then a private company, and now is public again. It had revenues of $92.2 billion in fiscal year 2020, and provides products and/or services to 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

As have many chief executives, Dell has had to steer his ship through uncharted waters in the plague year. In this interview, he talks about how the company has adapted during the pandemic, and even benefited as demand for technology products needed to work and learn from home peaked.

He has also watched — and counseled — as tech companies consider and act on plans to leave California for Texas.