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The City of Plano’s newest project will replace neighborhood infrastructure along Independence Parkway



Plano, TX- The City of Plano plans to replace 3,000 feet of screening wall, sidewalk and alley pavement along both sides of Independence Parkway.

This project was approved on Feb.14 and its estimated cost is $1.9 million.

It will be funded by the city’s community investment program, which monitors infrastructure needs across Plano, as the officials said on their website. The documents show the project will be spanned from Lanarc Drive to Loch Haven Drive.

The planning documents stated that the project was needed to make sure neighborhood infrastructure in the area does not “deteriorate leading to increased future maintenance costs and a reduction in the quality of life for residents.”

It remains unknown if traffic would be affected or until when the works would last.

More info about the city’s infrastructure improvement projects can be seen on its website.