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The Dallas ISD is now considering enforcing their ‘clear backpack’ policy districtwide



Dallas, TX – According to the statement, Dallas ISD schools already require clear or mesh backpacks, but the district is now considering enforcing this policy districtwide.

Requiring students to use clear or mesh backpacks is considered due to security reasons, something that parents, teachers, and school workers are especially concerned about lately, especially after the Uvalde shooting.

On Monday, the school district posted the policy guidelines online, but the guidelines were removed later in the day. However, the information has continued to spread on social media.

“That very well could shift in the coming weeks as our senior leaders and others look at what would be best for the upcoming school year,” District spokeswoman Robyn Harris told DMN.

Harris, in addition, said that the district has been considering the policy long before the Uvalde shooting that happened in late May.

As of now, no more details about the future policy are available.