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Two brothers start a nonprofit to make the world a better place



IRVING, TX – Brothers Dhruv and Vansh Nanda want to make the world a better place, so they created a nonprofit a few months ago to achieve their goal.

The nonprofit, Mission Tomorrow, aims to support community needs like shelter, healthcare and education while also creating a sustainable living environment.

The brothers, who currently study at the School for the Talented and Gifted at Dallas and Coppell High School respectively, decided to get involved with community service after noticing poverty in Dallas and visiting their parents’ home country of India.

“I just feel it is our duty to help, not just as individuals but as a community,” Dhruv Nanda said.

Dhruv Nanda also said, “Our main mission is to create a better world than the one we came in.”

So far, the Nanda brothers have focused on distributing clean water to those who need it, an effort started after Texas’ winter storm that resulted in frozen and burst pipes. They’ve been able to give out thousands of water bottles, which are mostly donated from local grocery stores and businesses, and have partnered with Soul for Christ Food Ministry in Dallas to distribute the water.

“Whether it’s a small impact or a big impact, it is an impact, and that is what truly matters to me,” Dhruv Nanda said.