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Vivify Health Launches COVID-19 Mobile Solution for Providers to Screen and Monitor Patients Remotely



PLANO, TX – The Screening, Self-Isolation, and Monitoring Pathways on its Vivify+Go mobile solution can help providers scale their availability by lowering the number of concerned patients who might go to a healthcare facility, allowing doctors to focus more on those the the greatest COVID-19 health risks.

It also allows those who may be disease-free to avoid potential exposure in crowded emergency departments or physicians’ offices.

Vivify said in a statement that the launch is a way for it to contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the release of these new Pathways, patients exhibiting similar symptoms who don’t actually have COVID-19 can receive reassurance without having to physically visit their physicians,” Eric Rock, founder and CEO, said in a statement. “And four out of five of those who do contract the virus can now receive care remotely through monitoring and telehealth, so they can recover at home with minimal risk to themselves or others.”

The solution allows low-risk patients or those with mild symptoms to use their mobile devices to self-screen for the COVID-19 virus by simply answering a series of questions based on the current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patients will be able to continually update their symptoms, monitored remotely by providers, while receiving constant updates from current CDC guidelines, the company said.

Unlimited use of the screening pathway is now being offered, along with deeply discounted and rapid deployment to providers new to Vivify’s Pathways platform.

“Telehealth on its own helps with some aspects of a disease such as COVID-19 but it also has its limitations, especially in terms of scale,” Rock said. “Whether a visit is in-person or online, physicians, nurses and others must still spend the same amount of time. With our RPM solution, providers can continuously triage their high-risk populations automatically to determine which ones require a call or visit with a physician, based on CDC guidelines, and those which can be handled by a physician assistant, nurse or another healthcare professional.”

Also, information about other pre-existing health risks such as diabetes, chronic pulmonary obstruction disease, congestive heart failure, or any of more than 90 other chronic conditions can be monitored at home.

Vivify provides built-in telehealth through virtual visits and secure messaging, when direct provider interaction is needed. The startup—which calls itself the “innovative leader in connected healthcare delivery solutions”—has a mobile, cloud-based platform that powers holistic remote care management. It also has turnkey workflow services for providers to manage remote care.

Vivify has some of the country’s largest and most progressive health systems, healthcare organizations, and employers as partners. It was acquired in October by the Optum division of UnitedHealth Group for an undisclosed amount.